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The Importance of Safety in Excavation Construction 

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Construction works, whether in residential or commercial areas, are a dangerous job, and it is considered to be the most dangerous occupation in the United States and has topped the list for fatalities all around the globe. For instance, site preparation or land excavation is very hazardous as this needs a balance between machine, man, earth, and gravity; one wrong move and accidents can happen leading to death.  

This is the reason why it is very crucial to hire professionals to work on a certain project that also places a premium focus on safety. There can be numerous regulations and procedures and these need to be followed with precautions and safety measures.  

What are the risks of excavation construction? Here are the following: 

  • Failing Loads – this involves the process of cutting the souls to replace it by filling in a new material. This also involves multiple machines and there are greater risks like getting trapped beneath the materials. This needs safety measures as well as good communication to help prevent accidents. Although, dangers would always lurk in the shadows. 
  • Cave-Ins – this involves trenching the and there will always be risks on this. Although the equipment is made to prevent accidents, there would always be risks. This rick always exists in any depth and can be very prevalent in the process of foundation excavation and utility trenching. 
  • Equipment Collisions – excavation always needs equipment and machines. The number of equipment used can be numerous and they vary in functions and size. Some have blades while others weigh several pounds. When these machines collide, get damage, or whatnot, there is a greater chance of accidents that can even lead to death. Even the small machines can still pose dangers to the workers. 
  • Hazardous environments – construction workers do not have the say when it comes to where would the construction project would be. All they have is the authority to say no and yes. Unfortunately, excavating down the earth adds to the dangers of construction workers face. This is because they might face certain hazardous materials or substances that can contain gas lines or electrical lines. Once hit, this can pose serious danger to anyone who is near. When they dig, they can create havoc that may cause a leak or a fire. The whole process needs careful planning and safety measures. 
  • Falls – Falls are the most obvious danger that construction workers face. Especially when the trenches are not carefully marked, the danger for falls increases. The good news is, since this is expected, it has become one of the most carefully planned on the construction process. Accidents can be prevented through the use of highly visible warnings and proper barricades. 

We have just provided you the common dangers that construction workers face, and mind you, the list does not end there. There surely a lot of dangers that these folks face every day in their work.  

Site preparations can be very risky and hazardous especially when there is a trench excavation that is involved in the process. When you are planning on hiring a team for a project, make sure that they are trained and they put proper attention to safety.  


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